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No way! I love this song/episode. I didn't know that you were a Scrubs fan.

I love this song. When I saw this episode of Scrubs a few years back I downloaded the accoustic version by Hay. I miss the Benjamin Gate they put on a great live show.

Ah man, i miss the benjamin gate. Adie's just not the same.

Got a kick out of your mention of the Gate's cover of this song. I had pitched the band to cover it as I thought it would be a good fit for their sound and Adie's voice. They were not too keen at first but Quinlan, their producer hooked it up quite nicely. A great "stressed" lyric!

Caitlin, I don't tell you everything in my life... if you want to know everything, let me know and we'll schedule an appointment so I can tell you everything.

Jorriss, RC (ironically both you guys use fake names...) - YES, the Gate was the best, and they are desperately missed. RC, stop bashing product!

Bach, normally I would tell my readers that they are full of crap. However, knowing your background, I totally believe you on that one. What would it take to reunite the band?

Oh that hurt. I just figured that after spending almost everyday of the past 3 years of my life around you that I might have known almost everything about you...but I was terribly mistaken.

I don't want to know everything about you. I know too much already.

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